e-Learning Courses

Custom e-Learning, Microlearning, Gamification, Storytelling


We strong believe in the power of customised courses, because there is no guarantee for the success of a course irrespective of its purpose and objectives. So, we analyse each specific learning need to design and develop the suitable instructional solution. Regardless of the specific nature of your company’s activity, be it that you are looking for a course intended for all employees such as: Time Management, Labour or Data Protection, or a specific product or procedure course, we can help you.

Because each company has a certain identity and because employees, end users of e-Learning courses are different and have specific interests, while designing our solutions, we take into account all the factors that influence success of an e-Learning Course.

About projects

We rely on science and creativity to offer our partners unforgettable and useful learning experiences.

The projects we have achieved show different tackling strategies, developed according to the courses objectives: sharing information, pinning it and practising, development of a specific skills that contribute to shaping these skills etc. Our projects did not narrow down only to these aspects.

Our aim was to contribute to companies’ employees retention, to create a positive impact regarding employees training and we particularly intended to bring positive changes at the behavioural level of the employees. So, we have applied principles as: Gamification, Game-Based Learning, Storytelling sau Learning by doing.

We have offered uniqueness to each project through an attractive design and we were happy to implement the new trends and directions in the field. Convince yourself.