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 Custom E-Learning Courses


Our solutions increase your company’s performance, significantly contributing to motivating the employees. How do we manage? We provide the users with an online experience:

Unforgettable, they see the training relevance, being involved and willing to grow.

Useful, employees can apply the information acquired from the specific activity of job

Exciting, using gamification elements, the employees are challenged to investigate and they are rewarded for achieved performance.

How do we work?


We analyse each specific learning need and we want to find out more about company about your colleagues: interests, needs, activity.


We use the team's creativity and know-how to create and design the customised instructional solution for you.

Let’s start!

We develop the graphic concept and necessary technique functionalities. We put technique and creativity in practice.


We are rigurous, demanding and we want to ensure the the final result is great.


Fast e-Learning

We are the perfect partner in helping you to transform the content in an e-Learning course. We have experience using authoring tools from the market.

Mobile Learning

We design e-Learning courses where we transpose only key information to reduce the training time and to access them from every mobile devices.


Are you looking for an efficient, fast and easy learning alternative? We can help you. The users have immediate satisfaction and they retain information faster, watching a short learning sequence.


We follow up on the current users engagement, encouraging the progress and rewarding the performance, using elements of games: badges, points, levels of difficulty etc.


We use storytelling to create a deep experience that connects the users at emotional level to the contemplated topic to contribute at retaining information.

Learning by doing

We actively involve the users in the learning process, giving them games, procedural simulations, tests and interactive exercises. We transform the classic process of learning in a journey where we challenge the users to find solutions and apply information.

Custom e-Learning

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Nosco Learning offers Custom e-learning solutions focusing on the three aspects of labour management: employees involving, motivation and productivity. Would you like us to share more of our experience?