Proiecte LMS

Implementing a LMS platform (Learning Management System) is always a new story for our team. Why? Because the implementation is always different. We always customise this system to respond to the specific needs of each client. In doing so we carefully analyse the requests of each clients to offer the perfect solution.

Totara Platform is for Corporate environment, especially developed to respond to the company’s business need. The flexibility of this platform allows us to develop additional modules, to customise and employ useful tools of each company in the training process.

We invite you to discover some of our projects in pictures.




About Projects

Be it that we address to the young super digitalised generations or to minimum digital skills level users, our solutions are adjusted to be easily used by each user. The main role of customisation is to enhance users experience in online environment, providing content and functionality according to the needs and interests.


The customisation can provide or underline certain information, restrict or allow access to certain tools or can simplify certain operations which user operates in the online environment.

We are up-to -date with the new technologies in the field, so we offer customized mobile apps by which the employees can quickly access LMS platform.

We know how important the employee retention is. This is why we developed special modules for Gamification to provide you with the tools required to elaborate attractive and exciting training programmes.