Nosco Learning offers both instructional and graphic design services to the highest standards, using modern methodologies and technologies.


We use successful instructional strategies in creating storyboards and scripts:
֍ Storytelling (using a character and creating a context in which to integrate the theoretical part, inviting the student to learn through discovery)
֍ Gamification (using gaming elements such as awarding points or badges after each interaction)
֍ Game based Learning (the use of game mechanics to fix and transmit certain theoretical information in a playful and engaging way)

We use engaging elements for better understanding and easy learning:
֍ 2D animations
֍ Video
֍ Interactive exercises: single, multiple choice, drag & drop etc.
֍ Procedural simulations
֍ Interactive games

We develop e-learning content in several languages: Romanian, English, French


In developing e-learning content we approach the graphic style you prefer:
֍ Real
֍ Cartoonish
֍ Flat design
֍ Hand Drawn Illustrations
֍ The New Retro
֍ Digital collage
֍ 3D
֍ Lego

E-learning content can be developed to reflect visual identity according to the brand manual

Upon request, we integrate in the audio content soundtrack and / or voice, both female and male

We deliver SCORM packages configured to send to the e-learning platform the desired data: accessed / unaccessed content, incomplete / complete content browsing, score / score, etc.