Training & consulting

Nosco Learning provides specialized advices and training in various areas of insurance and private pensions industry such as: human resources, sales, marketing, strategy and communication, operations.


֍ Development of a system for evaluating performance objectives for all staff categories
֍ Development of a human resources support system in order to increase staff retention
֍ Building a training plan and a remuneration system aligned with the organization’s strategy
֍ Optimizing the recruitment and selection process


֍ Re-organizing the sales force based on efficiency principles
֍ Development of a relationship management system in relation with your partners
֍ Optimizing sales force reporting systems
֍ Building of a structured sales process, focused on customer requirements


֍ Implementing a marketing methodology focused on market requests
֍ Development of a customer relationship management system
֍ Balancing the product portfolio


֍ Implementing project management


֍ Introduction to a standardized operations system
֍ Assistance in developing and implementing support IT portal for the sales force
֍ Support in improving sales processes for reducing the administrative costs