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Who we are?

Nosco Learning is a company whose core business is the development of the e-Learning solutions and implementation thereof in all companies. In Latin Nosco means knowledge, crucial element for our team which constantly refine itself and adapt to the new trends and technologies in the field to provide high quality services. Nosco Learning is member of Pro Fiduciaria group and has been operating on the Romanian market since 2011.


Our mission!


Our mission is to create a strong and exciting e-Learning experience for users, IMMERSIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

To do this, we take every project in an unique way, offering customised solutions which bring value to the companies, increasing performance.

And because “Success is a Journey not a Destination” we aim to transform the classic learning process in a journey where we not only share information, but even more, we shape behaviours challenging users to find solutions and to apply the acquired information in a real contexts.

The quality of our services comes as the result of the harmonious intertwining of creativity and technique, based on our team expertise in e-Learning, IT and Design.

How we do it?

We Make A Business Analysis

We Make A Business Analysis

We analyse each specific learning need and we want to find out details about your colleagues: interests, needs, activity etc.

Conceptualisation & Storyboard Development

Conceptualisation & Storyboard Development

We call on our team’s know-how to create and design the suitable solution under storyboard form.

Graphic Development and Functionality

Graphic Development and Functionality

We put technique and creativity in practice developing 2D or 3D graphic concepts and specific techniques functionality

Product Testing and Verification

Product Testing and Verification

We are rigurous, demanding and we want to ensure the the final result is great.

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Together we find creative solutions and success learning strategies.